The Color series: Sweet Apple (ENG/Tall & Slim/Jan Start)

4.000 kr

Weeks er skipulagsbók á ensku og sem byrjar í janúar 2024, með ársyfirlit, mánaðaryfirlit og vikuyfirlit. Aftast í bókinni eru svo 73 rúðustrikaðar blaðsíður auk annarra smáatriða sem koma þér skemmtilega á óvart.

Hæð: 186mm

Breidd: 95mm


The Colors series for Weeks provides users with simple yet unique color schemes, with solid bookbinding and a cover fabric that’s pleasant to the touch.

Sweet Apple is a red techo with a bright color that catches the eye. The year 2024 foil-pressed in gold on the cover shines in the light. The motivating red color is perfect for those starting a new challenge.

The cover has been constructed as a light hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends.

Sold separately is the decorative Clear Cover, which can instantly change the look of your cover while protecting it from the elements.

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