ONE PIECE magazine: Like the Sun [JPN/A6/Jan Start]

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ONE PIECE aðdáendur verða ekki fyrir vonbrigðum með þessa vönduðu dagbók frá Hobonichi Techo en hún var unnin í samstarfi við ONE PIECE magazine. 

Praktísk atriði - bókin er á japönsku, í A6 stærð og hefst í janúar

Hvernig væri að eyða árinu með því að rifja upp eftirminnileg augnablik úr ONE PIECE seríunni og njóta þess að nota Hobonichi Techo! 

Þessi útgáfa kallast HON og er bókin harðspjalda og opnast flöt. 


This special edition page-per-day A6 size Hobonichi Techo Original book was created in collaboration with ONE PIECE magazine, which dives into the charms of the hit manga series to help fans further enjoy the world of One Piece. This edition features illustrations and quotes from the series while retaining all the features that make the standard Hobonichi Techo so easy to use.

You can spend your year with the story of One Piece as you follow the route taken by the Straw Hat Pirates and read the characters' passionate quotes.
You can also create your own logbook as you fill your techo with your own plans, notes, and thoughts.

Like the Sun is a hardcover type book with a cover design based on the pirate ship Thousand Sunny, which transports the Straw Hat Pirates on their adventures. The cover material is the same textured, shiny fabric used in neckties.

The navy background is reminiscent of the sea at night, or the bottom of the sea. The arrangement of characters met along the way is an original composition created for this techo cover design. The Mini Merry II, Surume, Shark Submerge III, small sparkling gold-colored stars, and bubbles are just some of the things weaved in detail using colorful threads.

The book’s lay-flat binding and thin and light Tomoe River S graph paper with 3.7 mm squares make the book easy to read and write in. The book includes a yearly calendar, yearly index, Monday-start monthly calendars, daily pages, blank memo pages and more.

Daily quotes on the bottom of each page are curated from volumes 1-104 of the manga series by editors of ONE PIECE magazine.
January is from the East Blue arc, February from the Alabasta arc, and so on. Quotes are collected in chronological order. The quotes also include which volume and chapter they come from.
Some pages also include illustrations from where the quotes come from. You can get a bird’s eye view of the massive storyline of One Piece and look back through it as you read the various quotes from the many characters.

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