Classic Revolve-Portable Ballpoint Pen - Red/White/Black

12.990 kr

Have you ever come across some great ideas but couldn't find a good pen to write them down? Or have to borrow a pen in a rush for important moments? ystudio understand that a pen-writing lover always needs to bring a good pen along.
After one year of all-out effort, we're excited to launch our new Portable Ballpoint Pen. 

ystudio Portable Ballpoint Pen is designed to have a fine hanging function.
You can wear it as a necklace or hang it on your bag. When writing is needed, simply spin the pen off and you can start writing smoothly. With beautiful lacquer and brass trim, well-adjust weight balance, and rebound mechanism, it becomes a must-have pen for you. It comes with a necklace and a shackle for you to create your unique lifestyle.

Refill is a ystudio customized 0.7mm gel-ink refill that writes smoothly and is enjoyable.



Material: Brass

Specs:9 X 10 X 139 mm

Weight: 30.0g (without tail ring)

Refill: ystudio ballpoint pen refill (0.7mm gel-ink), also fit for Parker-type ballpoint refill

Use & Care You can create a personalized brassing effect by removing the paint on the surface with sanding paper which is attached to the product's package.

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