Kokuyo Saxa Scissors - Titanium - Navy/Red

2.690 kr
  • 3D Glueless Structure: Ridges on the inside of both blades which prevents sticky build-up, it makes sure you'll never have to struggle with gummy scissors after cutting adhesive tape. A great option for artists and crafters who use a lot of tape.
  • Hybrid Arch Blade: The angle of the blade spreads wider with a 2-level arch curve, which makes it has almost 4 times of sharpness compare to the straight blade scissors, and easy to cut with light force from the base to the edge.
  • Wide Use: These scissors are easy to cut with light force from a thick cardborad to a thin plastic wrap. It can be used for many daily occasions and cut through various materials, such as package box, leather belt and plants etc.
  • Light Weight & Easy to Hold : The weight of the main unit is 20% lighter compared to previous products (Hasa-250), and the wide handle lined with hard rubber allows more fingers to enter in and reduces the burden when holding.
  • Resin Ring Joint: The resin ring is inserted into the joint part of the blade to reduce friction, so it can be opened and closed smoothly with a light and smooth operation.
  • Symmetrical Handle: Allows you to use it in either direction, and it is also suitable for left-handed person!
  • A Safety Cap: Covers the blades when not in use, keeps it safe when you carry it in your bag.

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