KOKUYO Stapler Harinacs Stapleless Stapler Press

2.990 kr

Threading paper without using a needle. Also, there is no need to separate the paper when disposing of the bound paper, and there is no need to worry about the needle getting mixed in with other items. 

Smart binding section/Uses a press-lock system that crimps and fastens the paper without making holes. The casual binding section allows for beautiful paper fastening.

Cleanly removable when you want to remove it/You can easily remove the bound paper by simply rubbing the binding section with a pen cap or other hard object.

Binding section is not bulky/ The binding section is not thickened, so it is not bulky even when stacked.

Compact design/ Palm-sized and can be used either on the table or hand-held.

Binding can be done both horizontally and vertically. It also has a convenient marker for corner binding.

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