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MD Notebook A6 Artist Collaboration - Andrew Joyce

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In celebration of MD's 15th year anniversary, the MD team invited Andrew Joyce and 14 other artists to get creative with the MD Notebook and enjoy the way you can write everywhere, even on the cover. Then they created a special-edition MD Notebooks with the artists' illustrations and writing blind embossed on the covers.

With the artists given carte blanche on an A5 MD, the original artwork is debossed on an A6 notebook.

Andrew Joyce for Midori MD

Andrew Joyce is a UK-born, Bath-based illustrator. He uses simplified shapes and bold colors to draw various motifs, which are then collaged into eye-catching illustrations and animations. His work has been used in many different areas, including magazines, books, print ads, TV commercials and murals. UNIQLO, Lexus and Esquire are some of his main clients.

About their artwork for Midori MD, Andrew shares: "Whilst spending the summer in Japan I wanted to use the notebook to keep track of new and useful Japanese I learned during my stay. Keeping notes like this helps me visualize and remember the new words much easier!"

Have a look at Andrew's eye-catching illustrations and portfolio here.

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