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MD Notebook A6 Artist Collaboration - Lindsay Arakawa

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In celebration of MD's 15th year anniversary, the MD team invited Lindsay Arakawa and 14 other artists to get creative with the MD Notebook and enjoy the way you can write everywhere, even on the cover. Then they created a special-edition MD Notebooks with the artists' illustrations and writing blind embossed on the covers.

With the artists given carte blanche on an A5 MD, the original artwork is debossed on an A6 notebook.

Lindsay Arakawa for Midori MD

Lindsay Akemi Arakawa is a Honolulu-born, Tokyo-based artist. After going to college in San Francisco, she moved to Brooklyn to pursue a career in digital media, and then to Japan in 2018 to get in touch with her roots. Digital media is still the base of her creative work, and she also makes digital art with handwritten positive messages and song lyrics on film photos she has taken.

About their artwork for Midori MD, Lindsay shares: "Being a Virgo means that I love making a to-do list, so naturally, I also love my notebooks. The thing that’s so great about a fresh new notebook is that it provides a blank canvas full of possibilities. The design I created for this collaboration with MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ is meant to be a fun representation of some of the different ways you can use a notebook — for instance, it can help you remember things for later, brainstorm project ideas, or even be a place where you write down a quote you overheard and really related to. There are so many different ways you can use your notebook, and the ones I drew on the cover are just some of the ways I use mine."

Have a look at Lindsay's digital artwork here.

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