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MD Notebook A6 Artist Collaboration - shunshun

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In celebration of MD's 15th year anniversary, the MD team invited shunshun and 14 other artists to get creative with the MD Notebook and enjoy the way you can write everywhere, even on the cover. Then they created a special-edition MD Notebooks with the artists' illustrations and writing blind embossed on the covers.

With the artists given carte blanche on an A5 MD, the original artwork is debossed on an A6 notebook.

shunshun for Midori MD

shunshun is a Hiroshima-based drawing artist. With a single pen, he captures scenes that touched his heart — sunlight glinting on a peaceful sea, beautiful rain falling on the land, soft starlight in the night sky — in works that are humble yet painstakingly created. He holds solo exhibitions around Japan while working on print ads and book cover design work.

About their artwork for Midori MD, shunshun shares: "When I'm thinking about, say, what kind of drawings I want to create for a personal exhibition, I grab my notebook and start sketching out my ideas. I add words to drawings of nature — the sea, rain, wind, mountains — and abstract images. I feel like my mind flits back and forth between imagination and creation, opening up new doors. Sketching things by hand in a notebook is a good way to focus and have fun at the same time. So since the MD Notebook is totally blank, it's a space that clears your mind so that the ideas will flow."

Have a look at shunshun's artwork and portfolio here.

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