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Traveler's Notebook Limited Sets 2022 - TRAVELER'S HOTEL

18.900 kr

Welcome to TRAVELER'S Company's imaginary land, with its own Hotel, Airline, Train and Record Company. Imagine this world and these sets are the remnants and souvenirs we bring back from travel. The TRAVELER'S HOTEL is a set of a brown regular size TN and customized items of their imaginary hotel company.

The brown cover features a foil-stamp logo of the hotel, paired with a paper refill. The limited sets includes a charm, a miniature key charm, a pencil, stickers and a cotton bag. The sets come in a carton box.


Box measures 24,5 x 16,7 x 3,1cm
- Brown Regular Size TRAVELER'S Cover
- Cotton Bag, measures 25 x 16cm
- Refill, measures 21 x 11 x 0,4 cm
- Pencil
- 10 Stickers
- 2 Brass Charms

Limited Edition 2022: 

TRAVELER'S Notebook Limited Sets: Hotel, Airline, Train & Record, 

The world of TRAVELER'S notebook began with an imagination. TRAVELER'S notebook awakens memories that have been dormant in the depths of our mind. It stimulates our imagination, and leads to fantasy worlds.
The TRAVELER'S team dreams and then makes.
They imagined a TRAVELER'S newspaper; TRAVELER'S TIMES was born. They dreamed of a TRAVELER'S clubhouse, TRAVELER'S FACTORY emerged. 
Realistic or not, day dreaming about what ifs and hows makes up for a lot of fun. Exploration of the mind and wandering is the quintessence of these limited edition sets: what kind of world would open up if there were TRAVELER'S HOTEL, TRAVELER'S AIRLINES, TRAVELER'STRAIN, and TRAVELER'S RECORDS? 

The limited set of TRAVELER'S notebooks and customized items find inspiration by an imaginary hotel, airline, train, and record label dreamed up by TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Each set includes TRAVELER'S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization items such as charms and stickers. 


When you arrive at the hotel, you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee and its aroma. A skilled concierge plays the piano in the lobby. If you have a request, please let him know. There is no song he can't play. Even your whimsical humming will be accompanied by a beautiful melody.

In addition to the bed, there is only a vintage desk and a leather sofa in your room, but they have been carefully crafted by old-time artisans and should be comfortable to use. There is a leather notebook and pencil on the desk for you to use at your leisure. There is no TV, no internet, and no cell phone connection here. We recommend that you take your time to reflect.  Write down in your notebook the words and images you have scooped up from the darkness in the depths of your consciousness. 

When you are tired of your daily life and want to travel somewhere far away, please come to TRAVELER'S HOTEL. We are located in various places in the world, such as on the cliff overlooking the sea, in the back street of the city, or by the lakeside deep in the forest. They are difficult to find, so you may get lost along the way. Nevertheless, if you listen carefully, keep your eyes open, and follow the path you believe in, you will surely come across TRAVELER'S HOTEL.

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