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Traveler's Notebook Limited Sets 2022 - TRAVELER'S TRAIN

17.900 kr

Welcome to TRAVELER'S Company's imaginary land, with its own Hotel, Airline, Train and Record Company. Imagine this world and these sets are the remnants and souvenirs we bring back from travel. The TRAVELER'S TRAIN is a set of a black passport size TN and customized items of their imaginary train company.

The black passport cover features a foil-stamp logo of the train paired with a paper refill. The limited sets includes a charm, a miniature key charm, stickers, stamps and a cotton bag. The sets come in a carton box.


Box measures 18,8 x 16,7 x 3,1cm
- Brown Regular Size TRAVELER'S Cover
- Cotton Bag, measures 16,5 x 12,5 cm
- Refill, measures 12,4 x 8,9 x 0,4 cm, counts 64 pages
- 4 Stickers
- 2 Stamps
- 2 Brass Charms

Limited Edition 2022:

TRAVELER'S Notebook Limited Sets: Hotel, Airline, Train & Record.

The world of TRAVELER'S notebook began with an imagination. TRAVELER'S notebook awakens memories that have been dormant in the depths of our mind. It stimulates our imagination, and leads to fantasy worlds.
The TRAVELER'S team dreams and then makes.
They imagined a TRAVELER'S newspaper; TRAVELER'S TIMES was born. They dreamed of a TRAVELER'S clubhouse, TRAVELER'S FACTORY emerged. 
Realistic or not, day dreaming about what ifs and hows makes up for a lot of fun. Exploration of the mind and wandering is the quintessence of these limited edition sets: what kind of world would open up if there were TRAVELER'S HOTEL, TRAVELER'S AIRLINES, TRAVELER'STRAIN, and TRAVELER'S RECORDS? 

The limited set of TRAVELER'S notebooks and customized items find inspiration by an imaginary hotel, airline, train, and record label dreamed up by TRAVELER'S COMPANY. Each set includes TRAVELER'S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization items such as charms and stickers. 


The TRAVELER'S TRAIN departs from TRAVELER'S STATION at irregular intervals. There are several routes, but there is no timetable, so no one knows when or where they are leaving for. The long-distance sleeper night train is pulled by steam locomotives, so the speed is much slower, and you have to spend many nights on the train before you reach your destination. However, if you go to the dining car, you can enjoy simple but delicious food prepared with care. In the old but strangely comfortable train car, you can read a book, listen to music, write something in a notebook, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

The scenery from the train window seems to be the same every day, or a completely different place from yesterday. Sometimes it seems that the train leaves the tracks and runs across the ocean or through the galaxy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come aboard. TRAVELER'S TRAIN will be departing soon. The destination is a future that no one knows. If it's a future you want, write it down on your stamped ticket. We can't guarantee it, but maybe one day you'll get there.

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