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Guruma Kujira - Grænn dreki

Sale price4.590 kr

The Dragon, representing the zodiac sign for 2024, embodies mythical qualities associated with good fortune and the granting of wishes. Tosa Mingei Shop proudly presents replicas of an original dragon design by Kosen Yamamoto, a distinguished artist renowned for her contributions to Tosa's local toy culture. Notable for her expertise in Nihonga, or Japanese-style painting, Yamamoto's skill also extended to the creation of local toys, playing a significant role in popularizing Tosa's traditional toy heritage through iconic works such as the "Monkey Group," "Oriental Zodiac Dolls," and "Shibaten."

About Tosa Folk Craft Shop Chamami Gallery

Since its inception in 1959, Tosa Mingeiten has dedicated itself to revitalizing the traditional local toys of Kochi Prefecture and sharing them with the world

Guruma Kujira - Grænn dreki
Guruma Kujira - Grænn dreki Sale price4.590 kr