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Holbein Artist Gouache Paint 15ml Jaune Brilliant No. 2

Sale price1.290 kr

Holbein Artist Gouache - 15ml Tube

Unleash your creative potential with Holbein Artist Gouache, the premier choice for artists, designers, and illustrators who demand the finest in color and quality. Presented in a 15ml tube, this professional-grade gouache is beloved for its brilliantly vibrant pigments, smooth texture, and unparalleled opacity.

Key Features

Rich, Opaque Color: Holbein Artist Gouache is renowned for its exceptional pigmentation, providing solid, opaque coverage without the streakiness found in lesser quality paints. The high pigment concentration means your colors remain brilliantly vivid, ensuring your artwork stands out with stunning clarity and impact.

Smooth, Matte Finish: Achieve a flawless, matte finish that is both velvety and quick-drying. This gouache lays down smoothly, allowing for seamless blending and the creation of even, consistent layers. Perfect for illustrators and artists who value precision and a clean, crisp look.

Superior Versatility: Whether working on paper, canvas, or board, Holbein Artist Gouache adapts beautifully to a variety of surfaces. Its excellent versatility makes it suitable for not only traditional gouache techniques but also with mixed media applications, providing endless possibilities in your artistic endeavors.

Premium Ingredients: Formulated without the inclusion of chalk, opacifying agents, or adulterants, which typically compromise color and quality. Instead, each tube of Holbein Gouache is crafted to deliver pure, unadulterated color, allowing for greater brilliance and color depth.

Wide Color Selection: Choose from a broad range of colors crafted to meet all your artistic needs. From vibrant primaries to subtle earth tones and luminous neons, Holbein provides an extensive palette to fuel your creativity and enable the perfect expression of your vision.


Ideal for artists, educators, and students alike, Holbein Artist Gouache is not only perfect for creating detailed, illustrative works and traditional paintings but also excellent for mixed media and even graphic and digital designs where color quality can be showcased.

Elevate your art with Holbein Artist Gouache. Experience the depth, detail, and durability of professional-quality gouache and bring your artistic visions to life with vivid accuracy.
Holbein Artist Gouache Paint 15ml Jaune Brilliant No. 2
Holbein Artist Gouache Paint 15ml Jaune Brilliant No. 2 Sale price1.290 kr