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Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Toyama Teal

Sale price4.590 kr

A phenomenal spectacle meets the Kaweco Sport

A wonderfully beautiful spectacle of nature can be observed during spring nights at certain places all over the world. One of these places is in Japan. At the coast of the district Toyama – the namesake for this new and unique Collection variant – the water is illuminated by a mysterious blue sheen during that time.

The rare and spectacular phenomenon is called bioluminescence and is caused by light-emitting creatures. Especially in Toyama, it is created by the gathering of a certain species of squid. Those thousands upon thousands of points of light, performing a captivating spectacle upon the water surface, are mirrored by the high-quality plastic of this fountain pen. Depending on the particular light irradiation, the pearly green pigments sparkle more or less intensively. The overall design is completed by a combination with silver elements.

Imitating this fascinating occurrence, this writing instrument will be delivered within a colour-matching packaging that is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range limited in time.



Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Toyama Teal
Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Toyama Teal Sale price4.590 kr