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MD Notebook A5 Square Thick Blank

Sale price3.890 kr

Ný vörulína frá MD PAPER - MD Notebook Thick, hér er MD Pappírinn endurbættur svo hann blæði síður í gegn þegar notaðir eru tússlitir, vatnslitir og annað. Bókin opnast flöt og því einstaklega þæginlegt að vinna í henni. Hægt er að teikna á forsíðuna og því getur gert hana algjörlega að þinni


Thick, robust paper you can rely on

This notebook is made with MD PAPER Thick, a thicker paper that provides all the same comfort as the standard MD Notebook with extra protection from bleed-through.

This paper is designed to handle hard pressing, thick lines and dark colors, so don’t hold back—unleash your imagination and feelings.

Choose between an A5 or A5 Square notebook.

The photobook-sized A5 Square notebook has an unconventional long, narrow space where your ideas can run free.

MD PAPER Thick is around twice as thick as standard MD PAPER, providing further protection against ink bleeding through or being visible from the other side of the page.
Whether you’re using paint, markers or a calligraphy pen, this paper is robust enough to absorb it.

And with no ruled lines, there’s nothing holding back the image and ideas in your mind.
And since the cover, flyleaf and inner pages are all made from MD PAPER, the whole notebook is yours to write and draw on. Make it your own.


A5 Square


96 pages

Label stickers (MD PAPER) / Codex binding

MD Notebook A5 Square Thick Blank
MD Notebook A5 Square Thick Blank Sale price3.890 kr