Sailor PROFIT JR +10 YURAMEKU Blekpennasett

10.990 kr
The set includes Pen x 1, Converter x 1, 10ml Special Ink x 1, so you can start using it right away.

▪️ Profit Jr. Fountain Pen
Resin fountain pen with polarized pearls that express the color of shimmering ink.
Colors change depending on the viewing angle and how the light hits, with specific colors appearing and disappearing.
With a special nib that can freely write thick or thin lines, the thickness of the line changes depending on the writing angle, and since the thickness of the line changes and increases strength, it is possible to write lines like calligraphy letters.

▪️ Special Ink
The color changes with time and the paper it is written on.
It is a mysterious ink that offers glimpses of different shades and bleeding.

[Product Specifications]
Profit Jr. fountain pen
Nib: stainless steel
Lid, body, large tip: PMMA resin
Metal parts: Nickel-chrome finish
Dimensions: φ17 x 134mm (including clip part)
Weight: 12.2g

Size: φ7.5×69mm
Weight: 2.8g

Special Ink
Ink: water-based dye
Capacity: 10ml
Dimensions: W27.7 x D27.7 x H54.0mm

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